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African Drumming Lessons

Beginner Lessons - Sabar Drum Tuition

My beginner lessons will teach you 10 traditional sabar rhythms. I will break each rhythm down so you can easily learn it in only a few minutes. First I play at professional pace so you can see how the rhythm is played, then I slow it down to show the breakdown of the beats, and finally we move back up to full pace so you can increase your tempo once you're confident.

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African Drumming Lessons DVD

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This DVD will teach you how to play the Sabar drum. It offers a 10 part tutorial into how to play these amazing traditional instruments. It will teach you how to play the most difficult drumming rhythms in only a few minutes by breaking the beating down. With these video lessons you can learn at your own pace and repeat sections as many times as you like. Your drumming teacher, Josephus Bull is from Sierra Leone and has studied African drumming in University in Ghana, Gambia, Guinea, and Senegal.

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